No response from FCO London

FCO failure

On 3rd November 2014, a complaint was filed with the FCO London, regarding the British Embassy and FCO failures, in dealing with the case of Matt Harland in Cambodia.

Complaints process
Following the official complaints procedure detailed in the Crown publication Support for British nationals abroad: A guide the FCO are committed to giving a full reply within 20 working days or an explanation of this failure.

The FCO have failed to respond within the specified time.

Escalation process
As the FCO has failed to respond to an official complaint, again, the original complaint will now be referred to the Foreign Secretary, Mr Philip Hammond MP.

To Philip Hammond MP
Mr Hammond, Foreign Secretary, I would like to raise the following matter, direct to you, as the FCO Director of Consular Services has, once again failed to respond to my initial complaint.

You can find the original complaint here and you may also find it helpful to read the other posts on this site.

Complaint to Mr Hammond
Mr Hammond, on behalf of Matt Harland, who is still detained in Cambodia, after four years, six months, without a trial by definition or internationally recognised standards, I would ask you to explain;

1 – why has the FCO Director of Consular Services failed to respond?

2 – why has the FCO and the British embassy in Phnom Penh failed to acknowledge that Matt Harland has not received a trial by definition, in Cambodia?

3 – why are consular staff not allowed to discuss this unfair hearing with Matt Harland, not even their own notes (obtained through FOI)?

Consular court notes, obtained through FOI

4 – why have the FCO failed in their responsibilities under the Human Rights Act ’98, and the pledges by William Hague, regarding the trial rights of British citizens?

5 – will you respond to the original complaint?

6 – will you, Mr Hammond, support Matt Harland’s right to a fair trial in Cambodia?

Matt Harland is not requesting any special treatment, only his right to be heard in a court of law and to be given a fair trial consistent with what the FCO describe as internationally recognised standards

I look forward to seeing your response.

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