UK authorities deny legal process

In May 2010, the corrupt NGO APLE Cambodia, made false and conflicting allegations of child sexual abuse against Matt Harland, dating from 2005.

Immigration records show that Matt Harland first arrived in Cambodia in 2006.
Quite apart from this the conflicting allegations, when taken together are just impossible.

However, due to a combination of corruption, prejudice, poor process, conflicting objectives, police misconduct and the non-availability of basic legal services,  Matt Harland has been denied the right to defend his position.

Legal representation
Matt Harland has been unable to find a competent, honest or reliable lawyer, to represent his position, or his legal rights in Cambodia.

Most respected lawyers in booming Cambodia stick to the lucrative practice of commercial law.

The remaining choices could be described as middle men or deal makers.

Matt Harland is keen to attend a fair trial and has no intention of making a deal, or paying bribes.

FCO Pro-bono lawyer panel
The FCO pro-bono lawyer panel exists to offer legal advice to people who are accused of a crime, where their basic rights may be abused.

Matt Harland was denied access or contact with the FCO pro-bono lawyer panel.

A 2011 complaint to Charles Hay, FCO Director of Consular Services, regarding the above, has not been answered.

APLE Cambodia
The corrupt NGO APLE Cambodia, has previously received British embassy funding of GBP 30,000.

FOI embassy donations to corrupt NGO APLE

Despite support from the British government, APLE failed to;

– produce a single victim at court
– produce a single witness
– provide any evidence

But though some legal manipulation, they were able to secure a highly unsafe conviction.

CEOP secret report
The British Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre (CEOP), shared a restricted report with Cambodian authorities, in clear violation of the Data Protection Act.

The report was delivered to Cambodian authorities through the British embassy in Phnom Penh, creating a conflict of interests and objectives.

Errors on the restricted report include the wrong passport number.

The report also includes information from the corrupt NGO APLE, a source which the report classifies as “unreliable”.
The report is also labled “cannot be used in court”.

This report was sold to Matt Harland by the Chief of Anti-Human Trafficking Police in Phnom Penh.

CEOP have not responded to enquiries and complaints by Matt Harland.

CEOP mistreatment
In October 2010, the former CEO of CEOP, Jim Gamble, entered Prey Sar prison.

He deliberately deceived British pre-trial detainees in order to prejudice their cases and to further his own agenda.

Despite this extra effort to prejudice his trial, Jim Gamble and CEOP failed to attend the Cambodian court for the hearing of Matt Harland.

British authorities, including the FCO, Metropolitan Police and the IPCC, have closed ranks and will not allow Matt Harland to complete an official complaint.

British embassy
The British embassy has the following 4 year objective in Cambodia;

– to reduce Cambodia’s attraction for British child sex tourists

To achieve this local objective, consular staff must opt-out of the global FCO objectives and their responsibilities under the Human Rights Act, objectives which include;

– promoting the trial rights of British citizen accused overseas

– acting in a manner which is compatible with the Human Rights Act, right to a fair trial

It is simply impossible for the British embassy to achieve both objectives, and far easier to just allow a false conviction, as even this achieves the first objective.

A 2011 complaint to Charles Hay, FCO Director of Consular Services, regarding the above, has not been answered.

Khmer police
During the arrest and detention of Matt Harland, Khmer police;

– stole cash and property
– extorted $400 from his landlady
– altered legal documents to cover the theft and sale of a motorcycle
– failed to secure possible discharging evidence

Not only did this result in financial loss, but it also left Matt Harland’s partner, homeless.

While the British embassy offer support to British tourists, who as a victim of crime, experience extortion by police – they did not offer any support to Matt Harland.

Fair Trials International
FTI are a British charity with close links to the FCO. Their mandate is to promote the fair trials of British citizens held abroad.

Despite the repeated denial of a fair trial, FTI were unable to offer support to Matt Harland.

Matt Harland feels that this is due to the FCO relationship with FTI and because supporting the trial rights of an accused pedophile, does not open donor wallets.

Prisoners Abroad
The British charity Prisoners Abroad offer support to prisoners held overseas, and their families.

Prisoners Abroad can no longer support Matt Harland, as he does not wish to meet with consular staff, who provide an incomplete and prejudicial service.

The objectives of Matt Harland, in raising awareness of his case is very simple;

– to create a consistent, open, honest platform for complaints, which are supported by evidence

– to highlight the dirty tricks used by British authorities against their own citizens rights

– to record the facts, in advance of future legal action against the British government

– to highlight this corruption to the Cambodian government and potential APLE donors

– to seek a fair trial in Cambodia, to finally meet his accusers and to present his evidence

Surely these aren’t unreasonable expectations.

One thought on “UK authorities deny legal process

  1. Very interesting article.. Though I consider crimes involving the exploitation of children to be beyond reprehensible, it is extremely troubling to see the extent to which UK Gov’t has allowed it’s most core values and institutions to be manipulated in such a manner. I would be interested to learn more about your experience and wish you the best of luck in ultimately being granted a proper, fair day in court. Rgrds, Simon


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