APLE, breaking families for money

There is mounting evidence that corrupt NGO’s such as APLE Cambodia are actually doing much more harm than good.

Family values
The previous review of the UNICEF website, demonstrates that there is no child sex emergency in Cambodia.

The UNICEF website has a strong focus on uniting, empowering and educating families to care for their own children.

Trafficking children
In contrast, APLE seem to view children as a commodity, used to fill orphanages, promote APLE and to raise money.

There is a strong focus on taking children into NGO care, away from their families and the community.

This is surely wrong.

To hold a child, away from their home, families, friends and their community has to be harmful.

Do not fund human trafficking

FACT – there are now more “orphanages” in Cambodia than ever.

FACT – most of the children held in these orphanages have at least one parent.

FACT – donor funding is being misused in Cambodia to break families and harm the community.

FACT – Cambodia does not have a law to regulate NGO operations.

FACT – thousands of children are held prisoner in hundreds of NGO orphanages, funded by lies.

The lie must end here
Donors and legitimate organisations must start to demand that children are returned to their families.

The measures of success should be how few orphanages are in operation and how many families are re-united.

Stop this for profit human trafficking and child abuse

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