The sex NGO business model

Make no mistake, child sex and the trafficking of children in Cambodia is a business.

Billboards such as this, lease for $6,000 per year

But not in the way we are lead to believe. Here are the components of this business, that are brought together in Cambodia;

It is widely accepted that Asian children follow the instructions of adults, and especially authorities.
If a child is pressured to make a false statement by a NGO or a room full of police – you will get a false statement.
There are no controls in place.

Foreign men
Foreign men are targeted by NGOs because we are lead to believe that any single, man in an Asian country is a sex tourist.
The worlds press feed off and sensationalise any allegation of child sexual abuse and as a result, the conviction is by media – not by the courts.
The benefit for NGOs such as APLE is a wave of donations.
So, in violation of local laws, stories are pushed out to the media at every opportunity, and the presumption of innocence is lost.

Cambodia is ranked, by Transparency, as one of the most corrupt countries on the planet at 160th of 177.

Police openly extort money to supplement poor wages

It is this corruption that enables some 30 child sex NGOs and hundreds of orphanages to exist, yet there are fewer than 5 child sex convictions here during an average year.

Khmer Rouge
We are lead to believe that Cambodia is a war torn country, suffering from the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge atrocities some 35 years ago.
This perception is exploited by corrupt NGOs who wish to live off donor funding.
The truth is that Cambodia is one of the fastest growing countries in Asia, with only the issue of corruption preventing faster growth.
The majority of the thousands of children held captive in NGO orphanages, are not orphans. They are just a commodity, prisoners. Trafficked by NGOs for foreign donations.

A quick shirt change and Jim Gamble is no longer under cover

No NGO laws
There are no laws to regulate NGOs in Cambodia. They can operate without regulation, accountability, inspection or reporting.
These NGOs hold thousands of children in protective custody. But protection from who?
To illustrate the NGO regulation issue, there are around 3,000 NGOs in Cambodia for a population of 15 million.
This is far higher than the number of NGOs in regulated India, with a population of 1.25 billion.
This is around 1 NGO for every 10,000 Khmers.

A heaven for. ..NGOs
A quote from a speech by Prime Minister, Hun Sen.
“Cambodia has been heaven for NGOs for too long,” he said in a speech broadcast on national radio on September 26, adding that he had given up hope of reading any positive reports written by international or local NGOs. “The NGOs are out of control … they insult the government just to ensure their financial survival.”

Source : Asia Times –

Corrupt courts
The courts, like the majority of authorities in Cambodia are under funded and corrupt.
Money is used by NGOs to influence the outcome of verdicts. This is clear by the number of highly unsafe convictions.
To a corrupt NGOs such as APLE, these court payments are seen as a cost of business, to secure further donations.

The public
The immediate reaction of the average person is that child protection NGOs must be a good cause.
Few would believe that donations could be misused for bribing authorities.
But the main issue is that most members of the public are unwilling to look beneath the headlines.
Fear and social compliance means that it is incredibly rare for anyone to look into an individual case – even close friends.
Is this justice?

Social media
During a recent book launch, the renowned law author, John Grisham made a comment regarding the possibility that some men, who have been branded pedophiles, may have in fact come across underage pornography by accident.
Mr Grisham would be as qualified as anyone to have an opinion on a controversial legal topic, especially as many of his books have involved social taboos.
But despite our claims of freedom of speech, Mr Grisham faced a torrent of abuse and criticism on social media.
He was forced to take back his comments and to issue an alternative statement, that was on message.

The business model
The complete business model can claim to protect children from sexual abuse.

This does result in false convictions.

This does result in imprisoned children.

This is extortion and human trafficking.

So in a country so endemic with corruption, where police and courts openly demand corrupt payments and where thousands of “orphans” are held for profit.

Do you really beleive that NGOs such as APLE are using donor funds for child protection?

Government conspiracy
The governments of the West are complicit in the unlawful activities of these NGOs in Cambodia.
We are lead to believe that every single man is a paedophile and an immediate danger to children.
The British government is aware of the endemic corruption by NGOs such as APLE in Cambodia.
They are also aware of the failures of the criminal justice system, having recently donated GBP 500,000 to the Khmer Rouge tribunal, in order for a few Khmer nationals to receive a fair trial.

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